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What would be a good photo editing website for amateur photographers?
maybe like a cheap photoshop software but really good? i'm pretty new too this stuff. i'm taking photography class next year, so i wanna be ahead and well prepared.
please answer my other question below as well thanks.
Do you want a program or a website? Photoshop Elements does a lot of what Photoshop does for cheaper. As far as websites, places like flickr and picasa have their own photo editing websites
ATTN JACKSONVILLE AREA, NC im a amateur photographer, please tell me how my work is!?
ive been photographing for about 3 years and i use a canon rebel xsi, i have a myspacem add it to check out my work please, im trying to get the word out!…
You use myspace on private setting to display your photos...? Not many people can access that...I recommend getting something like flickr or photobucket or turning your profile on to public.
What is The planetary A index? Why do shortwave broadcasters need this number?
ARLP004 Propagation de K7RA

Propagation Forecast Bulletin 4 ARLP004
From Tad Cook, K7RA
Seattle, WA January 26, 2007
To all radio amateurs

ARLP004 Propagation de K7RA

Low geomagnetic activity will be good for this weekend's CQ World Wide 160-Meter CW Contest. But there is currently a flare-spewing sunspot just around the Sun's eastern limb, and when it swings into view we'll see solar flux about 10 points higher than now, and briefly some higher geomagnetic numbers. The planetary A index for January 26-31 is predicted at 5, 5, 15, 20, 20 and 15.
It's a measurement of earths magnetic field's disturbance.

It varies from 0 to 400.

Magnetic field's disturbance produce electromagnetic radiation all over earth, and this creates noise in radio broadcast.. That is why it is necessary for broadcasters to determine how much noise can harm there broadcast contents.
Are amateur psychology sites, run by non doctors, helpful or harmful?
Here is a link to an example of the type of site I am referring to.

The site is NOT run by psychologists, yet the site owner, and other moderators, frequently offer on line diagnosis to visitors, without offering a verifying link to back up their diagnosis.

What do you say? Is this type of message board diagnosis harmful of helpful
These types of sites are harmful. They have an agenda. They can be very unhealthy for fragile individuals. These sites are unethical.

There are many sites like this including Sam Vaknin's site. Vaknin is a self professed pathological narcissist and self identified psychopath. Vaknin's site also self promotes himself and his work extensively, as does the owner of the "Out of the Fog" site you linked to.

Furthermore, Vaknin professes to be a narcissist/psychopath, while the self-proclaimed owner of, the "Out of the fog" site claims to have been abused by his spouse and sexually abused by other people. One "Out of the Fog" moderator claims to suffer from Aspergers syndrome. Aspergers syndrome is a disorder that effects the ability to interact appropriately in social situations as well as the ability to communicate.

People with these issues are hardly the sources from which people should seek credible vetted psychological advice.

Here is a link to traits of Aspergers syndrome:…

At both amateur psychology sites, the owners frequently boast about themselves. This is a narcissistic trait.

Gary, the out of the fog site owner, boasts about his photography skills, and frequently fishes for compliments for his photographs. Vaknin boasts about his writing and his superior intelligence. Both sites frequently offer amateur diagnosis of a message board poster's family members without backing the claims with appropriate resources. If someone politely, intelligently and persistently disputes their diagnosis and offers sources to validate their opinion, the site owners appear insulted and appear to suffer a rage by attacking and eventually banning the member.

Providing proof positive, using credible sources to show that a person with narcissistic personality disorder may be presenting unverified, incorrect information about an issue will result in narcissistic injury and narcissistic rage. There will be no rational intellectual discussion. No compromise. No apology or admission that they are wrong, despite proof.

Here is a link to information regarding the origins of the term narcissistic injury and narcissistic rage…

Also, both the out of the fog site owner "Gary", and Vaknin's site strongly encourage people to cut contact with a person suffering from a personality disorder. This may or may not be an appropriate suggestion. It should not be offered lightly.

A personality disorder is a profound psychological disorder. Cutting contact completely is not responsible advice unless the personality disordered individual is physically dangerous or abusive. In all cases qualified counseling should be sought.

People with personality disorders are extremely difficult to interact with, but they need empathy because they are mentally challenged through no fault of their own.

A major hallmark of a personality disorder is an inability to accept or even consider other opinions. The personality disordererd person lacks empathy and an ability to compromise. A personality disordered individual will typically, refuse to communicate with, avoid, or attack anyone who disagrees with their unsubstantiated opinions or agenda. Such attacks from moderators appear to happen frequently at these amature psychology sites. That is why they can be extremely harmful to people in fragile emotional states.

The narcissistic personality disordered individual classically believes that they are more intelligent than everyone and their opinions are the only ones of value, even though they lack the credentials, or education to validate their unsubstantiated opinions. They also lack the motivation to find educational sources to substantiate their opinions, and will decry any credible sources provided that dispute their unsubstantiated opinions. This is how the owners of Vaknin's site and Out of the Fog, appear to operate.

Here are links to the symptoms of Narcissistic personality disorder.……

A better approach for people who must interact with a personality disordered person, is to teach coping skills to the person and to help them to understand it is not their fault that the personality-disordered relative is mentally challenged. Meanwhile, they can show the healthy person healthy ways to protect themselves from emotional abuse while still retaining empathy for the mentally challenged person's plight. This is a more humane and more responsible approach than is offered at amateur psychology sites.

Vaknin claims to have a relevant degree from a diploma mill, the out of the fog site owner, "Gary" and his moderators have mentioned no relevant degrees.
Is It Right For Amateur Psychologists To Perform Sickening Mind Game Experiments On Current Event Regulars?…

Whatever next does 'Big Nurse' have for the inmates?

Ta. x
apparently everyone on answers is a psychologist...I used to hang out in the mental health section and everyone diagnosed everyone with bi polar disorder.

unfortunately some people listen to this crap..

also you can't draw any inference from asking 3 or 4 questions. It's not a controlled experiment and the outcome at best a bunch of unproven supposition.
How high do you need to be able a six stair? how high do you need to be able to ollie a five stair?
i can almost ollie 3 decks stacked(1 foot 6 inches, or 1 foot and a half of a foot, or 18 inches). there is this 6 stair that i am planning on ollieng at this concrete outdoor skatepark. there isn't that much space between the concrete area to the stair, so you have to run through the grass which is very difficult to get speed. how much speed do you need for a 6 stair. to see this 6 stair, go on search the video "allen index". click to watch the video. you will see a bunch of amateur skateboarders at the outdoor concrete skatepark i was talking about skating it for a demo. later, you will see a bunch of people grinding a handrail down that six stair i was talking about. how much speed and high of an ollie do you need to ollie a six stair. is it hard to ollie a six stair. do you need a really high ollie to ollie the 6 stair. can you get hurt from that six stair
wow alot of info. well to tell you the truth ollieing stairs is all about your speed. you don't want to not have enough speed so that you land in the middle of the stairs. the key is to ollie right about when your front wheels are going to fall off the first stair. generally you don't need to pop super hard to try and get a huge ollie off. just ollie regular and your speed should take far enough for your landing. can you get hurt? you can get hurt basically from any trick you do. that's the risk you take. it all depends on how you land when you fall.
Is there any radio station that transmits current sunspot numbers?
i need to get up to date reports on the sunspot number and the a and k geomagnetic there any amateur radio stations that transmit this periodically? anything on the 180 meter-10 meter bands?
WWV, at 5, 10, and 15mhz on shortwave
Why are all these mainstream outlets like CNN and Yahoo heavily criticizing amateur web journalists?
First CNN's Jami Floyd went off on a bitter tirade about how an amateur YouTube blogger should not have filmed Condoleeza Rice talking about torture at a college symposium:…
This leads us to question why CNN has never bothered to question the Secretary of State with such fervor and why we must rely on some guy with a YouTube account...

Then on Yahoo Answers, the Yamster's blog is all about questioning whether amateur journalists on the web are a good thing or a bad thing:…
The Answers blog even goes so far as to suggest that we should not be watching internet videos of the protests in Iran, and should just remain ignorant of the situation.

Why is this even a question?

Shouldn't we be over-joyed that we finally get some useful candid footage that tells us the TRUTH for a change?
Because they are afraid.

People are waking up to the reality that the corporate elite control both the government and the mass media --- and they (the people) are starting to detect the propaganda and censorship when they see it.

The mass media's days are numbered if the trend toward independent media and citizen journalism continues. They will do what they can to discredit and marginalize independent media while they still have an audience.

Expect the government to protect its propaganda machine by restricting access to independent media on the internet. The elite cannot keep control over the masses unless they can control the flow of information, and they are quickly losing control because of the internet.

Google already censors You Tube to remove political dissent. They leave enough of it standing to keep people from noticing.

In fact, Yahoo censors this forum with electronic monitoring. There are certain independent media links that cannot be used in a Yahoo Answers question. If used, Yahoo software censors the question with the result that nobody sees the question except the asker. That started last fall.
Would you want an amateur photographer to take your wedding pictures?
Like this photographer here:;…
It depends. I would want to see their portfolio first.

We hired a photographer that was new in the business. She was priced much lower than the other photographers in the area, but her quality was just as good. A year after booking her, her prices have tripled as she has gained a following!
Is amateur wrestling for sissies?…
Yoda says so.
No. It's the real thing man! No plots, no scripts, no simulations and no Vince McMahon. It's all about the art of grappling and the strength, quickness and skill that go with it. In other words, amateur wrestling is the REAL wrestling.

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